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Still Waiting on Zombie Cobain

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It seems every time I turn on the TV or browse online I always end up checking the entertainment news (using the word news quite loosely) only to find that another old band that nobody ever really cared about or had any decent songs is reforming, which is sending all their now aging fan base in to explosive fits of nostalgia.

There's no fighting the system because the sheer mention of a band reforming is enough to sell out every tour date instantly, lest any fan miss out on seeing them live when they inevitably break up again. I mean sure I'm looking at this from a biased point of view because most of the bands that reform aren't really to my liking, so I'm posting this in the hope that one of these decent band might reform in a very butterfly effect sort of way.

Obi-wan's Top 5 Bands that should Reform 

1. Be Your Own Pet - I know this band has made to I think maybe another two of my 'Top 5s' but it doesn't stop them being good. This band out of Tennessee broke up after their final U.K tour in 2008 after making a couple of albums. Unfortunately, the lead singer Jemima Pearl decided she didn't need the band after all and bought out a solo album, which *cough cough* wasn't very good at all.

2. The Fall of Troy - This band formed when all the members were only 17 years old and managed to bring out 6 albums before breaking up last year. As is the case with most bands of their ilk, The Fall of Troy, never really hit it big until being featured in mainstream media, in this case the game Guitar Hero 3. Although the band bought out many singles each angrier than the last here is the slightly more mellow track that was chosen for Guitar Hero [official video had embedding disabled] .

3. The Streets - Technically this 'band' is still touring 'their' final album, but are officially no more. If you're wondering why I'm putting all the plural terms in inverted commas it's because The Streets has only had a single member writing and performing all 'their' tracks since 2002. Added points for coming from the same city as me.

4. Faithless - This band only broke up earlier this year so many fans are still reeling from the blow, that being said I find it a little saddening that a band as good as Faithless break up but Britney Spears is still making music. This track is one of my favorites but has a painfully long intro, consider that fair warning, but is filled with the lead's (perhaps the coolest man in the world) talking.

5. NWA - For this to work Dr. Dre would have to stop making headphones and Ice Cube would have to stop selling out, but there is no mistaking that NWA were pioneers of the 'gansta rap' genre and have hard earned their place on this list.When they formed the initial 6 members set out to reflect the rising anger in inner-city America's black youth, what they probably never saw coming was the masses of middle-class, white boys suddenly thinking they were 'gansta' because they owned a NWA album. You know who you are.

Still waiting on zombie Cobain to reform Nirvana.......


  1. definately tfot! just like vinyl doesnt cut it :/

  2. some good choices here. :)

  3. fall of troy broke up? heh never knew and nwa cant reform, easy-e died.

  4. I didn't know The Streets were no more! O_o

  5. all about cobain...oooh...zombie jim morrison...

  6. Some great stuff here.

  7. Blinded by the lights is a sick tune! I was in a state listening to it live! Following