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They've Spelt Whyline wrong
Skyline, hereafter known as Whyline, asks just that. Why? what is the point of this movie? So much so that when the credits started to roll I wasn't sure whether to punch the screen, be thankful I hadn't paid to watch it,  or contemplate building a time machine to stop myself from wasting an hour and a half of my life.

Normally when writing these reviews I've got to find away of telling you why a movie is terrible (and it is almost always terrible) without giving away any spoilers or telling the story for you. Well fortunately with Skyline that isn't a problem because this movie doesn't have one. This movie wants to be War of the Worlds so bad if it was a teenage boy it would have spunk-laden posters of H.G.Wells all over it's walls.

Skyline incorporates the one of a kind acting talents of Donald (still masturbates to scrubs) Faison and David (look at how tough I am) Zayas, I use term 'one of a kind' to mean that I pray they give up acting forever so I can return to my (overly cynical) life without the flashbacks from the post-traumatic stress caused by watching their 'acting'; especially you Faison, or did you spend all your Scrubs money on experimental anti-acting pills?  

This movie lacks even the most basic of film requirements in that it doesn't have a beginning or an end, just a middle, a very dull poorly acted middle. What's that Obi-wan? No story? I thought it was about aliens?... Well yes I'll give you that, the movie is definitely about aliens, as a matter of fact the movie may as well have just been ALIENS in bold  72pt font for the entire 94 minutes of running time.

Q: Why are the aliens here?

Q: What do the aliens want?

Q: What is something you shouldn't ever base an entire storyline around?

There, just saved you 94 minutes of your life.