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Funkier than Del the Funky Homosapien...

Well I'm back from my little sabbatical with no good news and still unemployed, so I might as well do something productive with my unemployment right?

If you answered 'yes' and/or 'hell yeah' to that then I appreciate your enthusiasm (possibly sarcasm) as I'll be writing a lot more blog posts [rants] in an attempt to occupy myself between job searching. On the flip side of that; if you answered 'no' and/or 'fuck this, I'm out' you're probably waaaay to pissed off at life to read this far into the post anyway.

TL;DR - I'm back, here's some nostalgia

Watch this Space

Sorry I haven't been able to post anything in a while but all my efforts so far have been put towards finding a new job after being laid off thanks to David Cameron's [See; Twat] massive cuts to the public sector.

I'll be back before you know it. Stay sexy,

                              - Obi-Wan

....Critical Hit (Aaaaaahhh), he'll save every one of us!

Well I finally got round to watching The Human Centipede last night, which even if I spent the next 1000 years writing with a 1000 poets I still could not form a review bad enough to really represent what I thought about that movie. That being said I now don't consider myself that weird in comparison to whatever was going through the head of the writer when he came up with that 'movie'.

Instead I think I'll do another top five. Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be reviewing stuff but you love it really.

Yet Another Top 5 Movie Soundtracks 

1. Flash Gordon - Now any soundtrack written and performed by the legendary Queen is going to make it on this list, especially when you consider that 'Flash' is one of the greatest movie themes and is almost guaranteed to out any nerds at a karaoke bar.

2. Gladiator - Now Hans Zimmer is a lot like John Williams in that his music sort of just works away subliminally in the back of the movie, but every now again something amazing breaks through and takes the movie to another level. The best example of this I could think of was 'Now We Are Free' from the movie Gladiator.

3. Trainspotting - I'm not usually a fan of Danny Boyle but there is no denying the quality of Trainspotting as a movie. For anybody who hasn't seen the movie it's about a bunch of Scots doing what Scots do best (heroin), since the release of this track I have heard at least fifty different remixes of this tune by Underworld so I'm going to put this in as well as my personal favorite from the movie; 'Lust for Life' by Iggy Pop (who has since taken to forcing car insurance on me).

4. Fight Club - Now any old followers will already know my opinions on perhaps the greatest movie ever made, but what I didn't mention was Fight Club's amazing soundtrack by The Dust Brothers. The only problem is that most of the tracks are really slow and don't really do the movie any justice on their own, so instead here is the closing track by The Pixies.

5. Sucker Punch - See I actually know some 'new' movies as [contrary to popular belief] I'm not stuck in the 90's. I know that this is the marmite of movies with some people loving it and some people hating it, but what can't be questioned is the soundtrack which manages to be both subtle and powerful. Oh, and this song's also about drug abuse so win/win?

.... maybe the Crow will make it next time?

... if a movie fell in the woods with nobody around, would it still have a soundtrack?

Blessing of Akatosh upon thee my sexy followers. I have always tried my hardest to give a fair [albiet cynical] point of view when reviewing any movies or games, however what I never seem to do is talk about a movie's soundtrack, which is arguably as important to setting a tone as all the visual cues.

That was my attempt at trying to justify not doing another proper review when in actual fact it's because I finally got round to buying Fight Night Champion and have spent all my free time playing that. On the other hand this will be much more fun than listening to me rant on about story structure. Enjoy:

Obi-Wan's Top Five Movie Sountracks

1. Reservoir Dogs - This is still in my opinion Tarantino's best movie, played in some part by the soundtrack (like most of his movies). Although this film is perhaps best known for Stealers Wheel's 'Stuck in the Middle with you', I'm embedding my favorite song by the George Baker Selection.


2. Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels - The Lock Stock director Guy Richie (like tarantino) is also known for handpicking the OST to his films, and although his films are very similar in many ways 'Lock Stock' just tips the scale for me. Of the massively eclectic mix of songs used in this movie I gone with the movie's opening track by Ocean Colour Scene, a band local to me.

3. Watchmen - The watchmen soundtrack brings together some of the best songs from the early 70's in an attempt to recreate the tense mood surrounding the United States during the Cold War. Although 'The Sound of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel is my favorite track on the OST, I thought I'd instead drop a bit of the legendary Hendrix with his rendition of Bob Dylan's 'All Along the Watchtower'.

 4. Scott Pilgrim vs the World - Now anybody who has seen this movie will know how important the soundtrack was in setting the story, what I didn't know until researching this movie was that many of my favorite songs were written by Beck who I'm not really a big fan of. While I'm deciding whether or not I like the OST anymore you can listen to the official track 'We are Sex Bob-omb'.

5. American Pie - I'm not going to go as far as to pick an individual movie out of the three I actually recognise as American Pie movies given that they all use the same 'college-esk pop rock' music. The songs themselves aren't that good individually but they do remind me of a more innocent time in my youth, anyway here's 'Want You Bad' by The Offspring.

...I did have a load more so stay tuned for another five. worse than a Simpsons flashback episode

Well the last post was very undecided indeed, but I think the original just about won on the vote so I'm going back to that (for now). I'm still going to spend some time trying to think of a good way to improve my blog but until then check out some of these retro posts, they are my favorites and should go down well
          -Obi- wan 

My opinions on the world's most over-rated game.

A farewell to a beloved companion.

Are award shows any better in your country?

The title speaks for itself really.

Rinse, Repeat.

Fancy a change?

I've gotten kind of bored with having to look at my lay out over and over and over [repeat as necessary] again, so I thought I change it to something new and original. Thing is, when I changed it around I found that I'm scared of the unfamiliar and panicked, but I do actually have a point this time.

I want to know which do you think looks better?

New and Improved

Original Drawing

The Original

....or something new all together?